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Desired dementia care towards end of life: Development and experiences of implementing a new approach to improve person-centred dementia care Biesmans, J.M.A., Bolt, S.R., Janssen, D.J.A., Wintjens, T., Khemai, C., Schols, J.M.G.A., Van Der Steen, J.T., Zwakhalen, S.M.G., & Meijers, J.M.M. Journal Of Advanced Nursing 2024 Biesmans Desired Dementia Care Towards End Of Life Development And Experiences Of Biesmans et al. (2024)
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Challenges in recognizing and discussing changes in a resident's condition in the palliative phase: focus group discussions with nursing staff working in nursing homes about their experiences Bagchus, C., Zee, M.S., van der Steen, J.T., Klapwijk, M.S., Dekker, N.L., Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.D., & Pasman, H.R.W. Challenges In Recognizing And Discussing Changes In A Resident’S Condition In The Palliative Phase Focus Group Discussions With Nursing Staff Working In Nursing Homes About Their Experiences Bagchus et al. (2024)
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Sex-differences in the association of social health and marital status with blood-based immune and neurodegeneration markers in a cohort of community-dwelling older adultsSex-differences in the association of social health and marital status with blood-based immune and neurodegeneration markers in a cohort of community-dwelling older adults Van der Velpen, I.F., Yaqub, A., Vernooij, M.W., Perry, M., Vernooij-Dassen, M.J.F., Ghanbari, M., Ikram, M.A., & Melis, R.J.F. Sex Differences In The Association Of Social Health And Marital Status With Blood Based Immune And Neurodegeneration Markers In A Cohort Of Community Dwelling Older Adults Van der Velpen et al. (2024)
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A longitudinal cohort study on the use of health and care services by older adults living at home with/without dementia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: the HUNT study Ibsen, T.L., Strand, B.H., Bergh, S., Livingston, G., Lurås, H., Mamelund, S.E., Voshaar, R.O., Rokstad, A.M.M., Thingstad, P., Gerritsen, D., & Selbæk, G. A Longitudinal Cohort Study On The Use Of Health And Care Services By Older Adults Living At Home Withwithout Dementia Before And During The COVID 19 Pandemic The HUNT Study Ibsen et al. (2024)
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Noninvasive monitoring technologies to identify discomfort and distressing symptoms in persons with limited communication at the end of life: a scoping review Xu, J., Smaling, H.J.A., Schoones, J.W., Achterberg, W.P., & van der Steen, J.T. S12904 024 01371 0 Xu et al. (2024)
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Short-term outcomes of early intensive neurorehabilitation for prolonged disorders of consciousness: A prospective cohort study Driessen, D.M.F., Utens, C.M.A., Ribbers, P.G.M., van Erp, W.S., & Heijenbrok-Kal, M.H. Short Term Outcomes Of Early Intensive Neurorehabilitation For Prolonged Disorders Of Consciousness A Prospective Cohort Study Driessen et al. (2024)
Apathy in persons living in nursing homes: moving forward. Consequences, identification and management Hanneke Nijsten Publiekssamenvatting Proefschrift Hanneke Nijsten Proefschrift Hanneke Nijsten